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When parents don’t live together, whether that’s due to divorce or simply how it always was, they can have different ideas about where a child should live or go to school, how the child should receive medical treatment, or in what religious tradition the child should be raised, or who should pay for the child’s needs.

Many parents settle these questions themselves through custody and child support agreements, with the help of family lawyers who can offer objective advice and help negotiate a solution that works for everyone. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to have a question of custody or child support resolved by our Ontario Court.

When that happens, it’s important to have the help of an experienced Ontario family attorney who can help you navigate the local court systems and get the outcome that is in the best interest of you and your child. Custody and child support cases can be complex and a judge’s decision may rely on numerous variables. A good family attorney can explain how the process is likely to work in your case and what you should expect in court.

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Parents want what’s best for their children — for them to have everything they need and to have bright futures — but sometimes parents may disagree about what that means..

Many parents settle these questions themselves through custody and child support agreements, with the help of family lawyers who can offer objective advice and help negotiate a solution that works for everyone. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to have a question of custody or child support resolved by our Ontario Court.

What You Should Know About Custody & Child Support

When you call Highclass Law, Sabrina can answer your questions about numerous issues involved in child custody and child support issues. Among the common types of issues Sabrina can help you with are:

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Custody & Visitation – Different types of custody may be awarded in North Carolina depending on your family’s circumstances. Learn more about the forms of custody available in North Carolina and what to expect from your custody case.

Custody Evaluations

Custody Evaluations – At times a court may find it appropriate to have a psychologist speak to parents and children involved in a custody matter. Learn more about what a custody evaluation is, how one is performed, and what bearing it may have on your case.

Understanding Custody Hearings

Understanding Custody Hearings – Learn more about the court process for determining custody and factors involved in making a custody determination.

Modifying Child Custody or Visitation

Modifying Child Custody or Visitation – Learn about the circumstances under which a final custody agreement or order can be changed in North Carolina.

Child Support

Child Support – Whether you’re a parent seeking child support or being asked to pay, it’s important to understand your rights in a child support case. Learn more about how child support works in North Carolina and how courts determine payment amounts.

Calculating Child Support

Calculating Child Support  Calculating child support can be a difficult process. For help with navigating this situation, call a family attorney from Breeden Law Office for help.

Child Support Contempt Proceedings

Child Support Contempt Proceedings – Facing a court proceeding for failure to pay child support can be daunting. Learn more about how these hearings work and how North Carolina child support attorney Jonathan Breeden can help.

DSS Investigations

DSS Investigations – If you’re the subject of a DSS investigation, you’re likely worried about what will happen and whether you might lose your children. Learn more about why DSS might investigate a parent, possible outcomes of an investigation, and how an experienced North Carolina family attorney can help.

Paternity Claims

Paternity Claims – Learn how paternity claims can affect child custody and child support, and how paternity claims are handled in North Carolina courts.

Emergency Custody Orders

Emergency Custody Orders – Learn what an emergency custody order is, the circumstances under which a parent might seek one, and the process for getting one in a North Carolina court.

Interstate Custody

Interstate Custody – Custody issues can become complicated when parents live in different states. Learn how a North Carolina family attorney can help if you’re trying to negotiate a custody agreement across state lines.


Relocation – When parents share custody and one wants or needs to relocate to another state, certain issues come into play. Whether you’re the parent who wants to relocate or the parent staying in North Carolina, a North Carolina family attorney can help you find the best path forward for your family.

Mother’s Rights

Mother’s Rights – To ensure that your maternal rights are upheld by the court, it’s essential that you consult a knowledgable North Carolina family lawyer so that your divorce does not damage your relationship with your child.

Father’s Rights

Father’s Rights – If you are a father hoping to get custody of your child, you will need to reviw all your options with a skilled North Carolina family lawyer with Breeden Law Office.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents’ Rights – It’s becoming more and more common for grandparents to raise their grandchildren for many reasons. Learn more about grandparents’ rights in North Carolina.

Relatives’ Rights

Relatives’ Rights  Learn more about relatives’ rights when it comes to custody of children that are not yours.

Stepparent Rights

Stepparent Rights – Since stepparent custody rights are complicated in North Carolina, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced family attorney if you would like custody or visitation

Stop Child Support Payments

Stop Child Support Payments – There are many situations in which you could ask for your child support payments to end, including your child turning 18 years old and your child enlisting in the military. There are complex legal issues surrounding ending child support payments, so it is important to consult with a lawyer before moving forward with this issue.

Legal Custody vs Physical Custody

Legal Custody vs Physical Custody – You and your ex-spouse or partner may have difficulty determining legal or physical custody of your children after a divorce. It’s important to understand the difference between legal and physical custody so that everyone involved can make the best of this difficult time.

Dependents & Tax Exemptions

Dependents & Tax Exemptions – When determining which parent gets to claim your child as a dependent during tax season, it’s important to have an attorney on your side who can explain the complicated issues surrounding this process.

Parental Kidnapping

Parental Kidnapping – As a parent who shares custody, it is possible to kidnap your child if you don’t thoroughly understand your custody agreement. Reach out to a North Carolina family attorney to learn more.


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