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B.Eng.Mgt., LL.B.

“My goal is to help you  Navigate the complexities of Real Estate Transactions or Real Estate Litigation ensuring that your interests are protected.”

“Destined to be a lawyer”

“You should go to law school”

“Always advocating”

Some people are born to be lawyers and I am one of them! Helping others through advocacy has been an essential part of my character since I was old enough to talk.

As a teen, my father had a civil litigation case over a faulty septic tank installed at our house. I remember going to the law library at Osgoode Hall with my father, I remember practicing being a key technical witness with my father. And I remember the satisfaction of watching my father receive a settlement for the septic tank issue. That personal family case solidified what I had always suspected: I was meant to be a lawyer.

I started out by attending McMaster University for Electrical Engineering and Management and graduated with my B. Eng. Mgt. degree with a minor in Biology.

Next, it was off to the University of Windsor for Law.  In Law School, I was one of 12 summer students chosen to work at the University legal aid clinic. I was also chosen to assist with legal research by a local Windsor Court Judge. Every experience I had in law school confirmed that I had chosen the right path for the best use of my skills.

After graduation, I started working in Intellectual Property Law on Bay Street at Dimock Stratton LLP. I was lucky enough to be part of the team representing an Engineer who had single-handedly invented a valve that substantially stopped oil leaks in large Canadian oil wells whose patent was being illegally used by a Big Oil Company without paying any licensing fees. Justice prevailed and our client won!

I loved being in court but this area of law was very slow-moving. I moved into Personal Injury Law at Lofranco Personal Injury Lawyers and practiced in that area for several years.


“Finally, I moved to Nanda & Associate Lawyers which went from a 3 lawyer firm to a 12 lawyer firm during the 8 years I practiced there. I practiced in Personal Injury, Real Estate Litigation and Transactional Real Estate.

In 2019, I started my dream of opening my own law firm. I wanted to focus on Real Estate Transactions, which is what my firm does. I love helping people purchase their home and I aim to make the purchase as smooth as possible. When it’s time to sell, I am ready to assist. I have the real estate experience to make sure your transaction goes smoothly and the litigation knowledge to ensure any issue does not develop into a long-term problem.

As a solo practitioner, I often work with clients to provide services on a flat-fee basis. Unlike traditional law firms, I don’t bill clients by the hour or minute. This means my clients don’t feel pressured or hurried when communicating with me on their important matters.

Going solo also had its own problems. How can I compete with and be able to go against much larger firms?

Having an engineering background, I am proud to say that Highclass Law effectively uses technology in the practice of law. Most of the larger established law firms are still running the old-fashioned way. Many lawyers are not keen on learning the newer technology that is available. At Highclass Law we do it all from in-person meetings to remote signing services where required; we use law and technology to provide the best service we can!”

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